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Dear Users!

1. When you use information on the official website of the Federal Agency for Tourism of the Russian Federation (hereinafter referred to as “the website”), hardware of the website automatically identify network (IP) addresses and domain names of each visitor of the website.

Mentioned information as well as e-mail addresses of people, who use interactive services of the website and (or) send e-mails to addresses on the website, automatically accumulated data about what kind of Internet pages were visited by users, other information (including personal data) reported by users are stored on the website’s hardware for the purposes indicated in this Acknowledgement.

2. Accumulated and stored on the website’s hardware information about the users is used only for the purposes of further improvement of techniques’ and methods’ of information representation on the website, of website’s user’s service, for the purpose of identification of the most frequently visited Internet pages (interactive services) of the website as well as for gathering statistics of the website visits.

3. Information about website’s users cannot be used or divulgated outside of the scope of paragraph 2 of this Acknowledgement.

Only specially commissioned for the job indicated in paragraph 2 of this Acknowledgement people, who are warned about the responsibility for accidental or deliberate divulgating or unauthorized use of data have access to this information.

4. Personal data about users of the website is stored and processed subject to the laws of the Russian Federation applicable to personal data processing.

5. Any derivative information from data listed in paragraph 1 of this Acknowledgement is provided for further use (share) in generalized form only, without indication of concrete network addresses and domain names of users (visitors) of the website.

6. Distribution of any e-mails to network addresses of users (visitors) of the website as well as placement of hyperlinks on network addresses of website’s users and (or) to their Internet pages are permitted only if this distribution and (or) placement are explicitly provided by regulations of use of a corresponding interactive service and if there is a website user’s (visitor’s) prior consent in a form provided for by stated regulations.

There is no correspondence with users (visitors) of the website that do not use interactive services of the website or other information sections of the website.

7. Questions and comments considering the order of use of website’s information or terms of his Acknowledgement have to be sent to the Press Service of Russiatourism.E-mail: pressRT@yandex.ru.