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Central Office of Russiatourism - Rostourism



Elena Lysenkova, Head of Department

Tatyana Menshikova, Deputy Head of Department

Anzor Emtyl, Deputy Head of Department

Tourism Events and Marketing Technologies Division

Lucine Matosyan, Head of Division 

Objectives and functions of the State Tourism Projects and Tourism Safety Department 

- Development and implementation of priority projects in the field of domestic tourism in the Russian Federation. 

- The implementation of marketing activities aimed at the creating a positive image of Russia as a tourist-friendly country. 

- Information support for the promotion of national tourism-related products and the safety of tourism. 

- Information exchange with concerned executive authorities of the Russian Federation, tourism industry market stakeholders and citizens of the Russian Federation in the event of an emergency endangering life and health of citizens. 


Natalia Smirnova, Head of the Department

Alexander Kudrevatykh, Deputy Head of Department

Formation and Maintenance of the Register of Tour Operators Division 

Alexander Merklin, Head of Division

Objectives and functions of the Legal Department

- Legal support of the activities of the Federal Agency for Tourism. 

- Due preparation of proposals regarding improvement of the Russian Federation legislation regulating matters within the competence of the Federal Agency for Tourism. 

- Formation and maintenance of the Uniform Federal Register of Tour Operators. 

- Arrangement of information support of tourism. 


Demyan Smilevets, Head of Department 

Sergey Teodorovich, Deputy Head of Department

International Organizations and Events Division

Marina Mutalieva, Head of Division 

Objectives and functions of the International Cooperation Department

- Promotion of the tourism products of the Russian Federation in the global market. 

- Due representation of the Agency in international and inter-governmental agencies in the field of tourism. 

- Organization of international congresses, conferences, exhibitions, seminars and other events relating to the development of tourism. 

- Participation in the creation of the Agency's representative offices outside the Russian Federation. 

- Arrangement and due participation in the notification of tour operators, travel agents and tourists on the tourist security threats abroad 


Sobol Pavel, Deputy Head of Department

Alexey Bardin, Deputy Head of Department 

Monitoring and Assessment of Budgetary Expenses and State Programs Division


Objectives and functions of the Domestic Tourism and State Target Programs Department

- Ensuring the implementation of state policy in the field of tourism, including through the development and implementation of government programs and projects of domestic and inbound tourism development in the Russian Federation. 

- Ensuring the implementation of public procurement agency functions in relation to federal, agency-level, target, scientific-technical and innovation programs and projects in the field of tourism requiring public funding and public investment, including, inter alia, development of tourism infrastructure, improvement of tourism products and services quality, improvement of personnel training system, promotion of tourism product of the Russian Federation. 

- Coordination of the activities of executive authorities of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation regarding the development of tourism and recreation complex of the Russian Federation.

- Preparation of proposals regarding the state support of the development of the tourism industry of the Russian Federation and improvement of the competitive ability of the Russian tourism products, including with the use of public and private partnership mechanism. 


Vladimir Yashkov, Head of Department

Georgiy Dubrovin, Deputy Head of Department 

Alyona Martynova, Deputy Head of Department

Finance and Accounting Division

Tatiana Sukhova, Head of Division 

Documentation and Order Control Division

Pass Dina, Head of Division 

Objectives and functions of the Administrative Department

- Administrative control, methodological support and assuring day-to-day operations of the Central Administrative Office of the Federal Agency for Tourism. 

- Organization of personnel work related to public servicing by the employees of the Central Administrative Office of the Federal Agency for Tourism in accordance with the Federal Law dated July 27, 2004 No. 79-FZ “On public service in the Russian Federation”, other federal laws and other regulations regarding public service. 

- Organization of work related to the prevention of corruption and other offenses in the Federal Agency for Tourism in accordance with the regulations on combating corruption. 

- Arrangement of placement of orders for the delivery of goods, performance of works and rendering services needed by the Federal Agency for Tourism. 

- Organization of records and archives management in the Federal Agency for Tourism. 

- The implementation of joint technical policy and coordination of work related to the development of modern information technologies in the Federal Agency for Tourism. 

- Organization of financial and operational activities in the Federal Agency for Tourism, ensuring the implementation of the state accounting policy in accordance with the Federal Law “On accounting”, the Instruction on Budgetary Accounting and the budgetary legislation. 

- Organization of work aimed to ensure the implementation of the Public Government principles. 

Civil Service and the Prevention of Corruption and Other Offenses Department

Yazykova Lyubov, Head of Department