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According to the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation №635-R of March 16, 2020 for the purpose of ensuring state security, protecting public health and non-proliferation of a new coronavirus infection entry to the territory of the Russian Federation is restricted until further notice. 

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Russia has in place a mandatory state classification of hotels and other accommodation facilities assigned by specialized accredited organizations.

The federal list of classified hotels and other accommodation facilities provides consumers with reliable information on the status of the classified facilities and the quality of their services.

Hotels and other accommodation facilities are divided into six categories, with five stars being the highest and one star being the lowest category. Non-classified accommodation facilities fall into a “no star” category. The number of stars increases in accordance with the level and quality of services.

23 international hotel operators operate more than 150 hotels in 38 Russian cities. The majority of the hotels operated by the international operators is concentrated in Moscow, the Moscow Region, Saint Petersburg, Sochi, and Ekaterinburg.

The most popular hotel online booking systems operating in Russia include

1)      Agoda.com

2)      Airbnb.com

3)      Booking.com

4)      Hotels.ru

5)      Oktogo.ru

6)      Ostrovok.ru